So the NFL succumbed to… beer pressure.

JON STEWART, on reports that the Minnesota Vikings reversed their decision to not suspend child abuser Adrian Peterson only after major league sponsor Anheuser Busch said they were “not yet satisfied” with how the NFL handled the case, on The Daily Show.

Stewart adds, “How crazy is this — a company that sells alcohol is the moral touchstone of the NFL… Maybe one of the only substances that is proven scientifically to increase the likelihood of domestic abuse — that company is saying to the NFL, ‘You’ve got a real problem here.”


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A Detroit police officer accused of manslaughter in the death of a 7-year-old girl will go on trial this week, as national attention remains focused on the militarization of U.S. law enforcement and police violence perpetrated against people of color.

More white police murdering innocent Black citizens. This time, a sleeping 7 year old named Aiyana Stanley-Jones. I am so disgusted.





I post this especially for my anti-SJ/MRA/antifeminist followers. 

I simply cannot wait to hear all of your gloriously well thought out criticisms of this article!

This is just another opinion piece, and the author seems too emotionally charged to talk about “social justice culture” rationally and objectively.

EVERY piece of writing is an opinion piece. Objectivity is an elitist fantasy rich white men and their rich white male scientists came up with to reinforce white male supremacy. It is impossible, let me repeat, IMPOSSIBLE to write anything without your biases — such as feminism or, more commonly, sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism, and so on — coming through. For fuck sakes, they’re the very reason you even BOTHERED to read and write and even research on the topic in the first place. Your investments in the topics you write about will always show through. So, try again!

Zoe Quinn slept with five prominent men in the gaming industry to garner good reviews and other goodies, which is highly unprofessional. You should not be defending this sort of woman just because she is one. She (and Ms Sarkeesian) deserve all the criticism they’re getting because they’re unprofessional and really awful at their chosen fields.

You sensationalising and writing pretty prose about how women in gaming/journalism are “targeted” for one thing or another isn’t going to change the fact that your brand of social justice isn’t winning. Sometimes, it really is the fault of women. Not because of perceived misogyny, or slut-shaming or slandering.

You mess up, you get called out and receive your due criticism. If any one of those people the author mentioned had been men, this article would not be defending them in the slightest.

Ignoring facts in favour of feminist bias is very, very bad journalism, Ms Penny. Closing the comments also speaks volumes about how “strong and fierce” you are.

*rolls eyes really hard* While I really like this article, I did not write it. My name is not “Ms. Penny”, but I support what Penny has done here. EVEN IF any of what you said was true — that these women were “unprofessional” — it wouldn’t excuse the public response which has been violent and nothing short of terrifying. This is unacceptable. Why can’t you see that? There is NO EXCUSE for any of it. Your bullshit attempt to shame her and me for this piece is just sad. But it is exactly what I expected. Thanks for always proving my point antifeminists!


Anonymous asked:

What an arrogant bunch you are. Wow. You really are no more special than anyone else. Try to realize that

okcreepsters answered:

Thanks SO much for your opinion, but we actually don’t think we’re special, we think EVERYONE should be treated with respect and politeness and not have to read unsolicited messages about what people want to do with their totally real thick 10 inch cocks. Which seems pretty reasonable to me. Do you think that’s unreasonable, little anon friend?


If you’re ok with people receiving unwanted messages from people they don’t know which make them really uncomfortable why don’t you come off anon?

Is it really too much to ask men that they treat others with the respect that they deserve as human beings???? WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!?!?!?!?




7 dangerous myths about women who wear hijabs

The hijab is not the most important part of being a Muslim woman, but it is certainly the most visible. In a time when Islamophobia only seems to be on the rise in the West, a practice that is so personal and diverse has become a warped and misunderstood part of a flat and monolithic picture of Muslim women.

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That’s riiiight

Anonymous asked:

Is it normal to sometimes feel tired of reading/discussing feminist goals and problems of oppression? It's not like I stop caring, it just stresses me out after a period of time and I start to feel kinda hopeless like nothing will ever change. It's like I need a day off from fighting. Is that okay?

Hello friend!!

Thank you so much for this great question! Full disclosure; This is a question I had asked myself a number of times in the past because I thought that as a feminist and someone who cares very deeply about social justice that I should have a never ending well of energy for this work. That my need and drive for justice and equality was SO powerful that I could power through any amount of criticism, abuse, discrimination, and oppression and keep on with the good fight. But of course, no matter how much I tried, I always succumbed to my fatigue — my humanity.  

But last year, after the Oscars in which Seth MacFarlane did that “We Saw Your Boobs” song, something pretty great and freeing happened. I came upon this article in Jezebel by Lindy West. Here’s my favourite part:  

What are you supposed to do when someone asks you to “prove” that feminism isn’t a massive conspiracy theory in a country where we’ve only had 39 female senators in the nation’s entire history, and 20 of them are serving right now? What kind of a stupid fucking question is that? What are you supposed to say when the 8,000th faux-incredulous jackass throws you the same argument about the wage gap or the draft or bumbling dads in Tide commercials—as though holding each of their hands individually through the empirical facts of the world around us is a worthwhile use of my time. As though feminist academics haven’t filled books (decades of books) with answers to that shit already. As though they believe that if they can keep you occupied refuting their flimsy trump cards over and over forever, they can stave off any changes to the culture that keeps them on top. I am so fucking fatigued by this anti-intellectual repetitive shell game that all I could do on Sunday night was write jokes about Barbra Streisand’s hella goth choker.

But. I couldn’t quit doing this any more than my cells could “quit” processing oxygen (or whatever cells do! Us girls aren’t so good in the sciences!). I’m not a feminist by choice, I’m a feminist because this is the world. And if my fatigue sounds defeatist, it isn’t. It’s the opposite. It’s an internal rallying cry that reminds me how bad things are. If you pay attention to and comment on everyday inequalities—immense and tiny—if you let all of it filter through you and you hop around and eyeroll and groan and drive your boyfriend crazy because he just wants to watch the IT Crowd but you NEED to talk about what Pat Robertson said today, this is what happens. Seth MacFarlane will go on the television and make a joke about George Clooney having sex with a 9-year-old girl who is sitting right there, and your first reaction will be, “Well. At least he didn’t literally say she should get raped. Pass the cheese.”

How to Make a Rape Joke

Hello, precious flowers. I know it’s been a difficult couple days for all of us, what with…Read more

That’s bad. A famous man making sexist jokes on a primetime awards show watched by millions of people is so banal and status-quo in our culture, that to me—a woman professionally committed to detecting and calling bullshit on sexism—it just feels like a drop in the bucket. Luckily, there’s nothing better than a depressing dose of apathy to remind you to FUCK THE BUCKET. If I’m not fatigued, I’m not caring enough. So fuck that stupid bucket.

You can also check out this link I published just before this response for more SJ-fatigue support. All of this means then that sexism (or SJ) fatigue is a very healthy and very normal feeling. So please, do not feel bad at all about your fatigue. It is a direct result of your caring, daily encounters with injustice and oppression, and your nearly relentless efforts to educate and be educated about social justice. It is an impossible and extremely tiring job and there is NO SHAME in taking a break from time to time to rest your weary head and recharge your batteries for the next wave of antifeminist onslaught. Personally, I turn to cartoons!!! YAY ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

I hope that this response helps you and others to “feel better” about SJ-fatigue. I also hope that this knowledge becomes a validating source of strength in your daily battles (and necessary breaks) for social justice. And when it gets REALLY tough, please feel free to call on me again!